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Portable Cans? HELP!

Poll Results: Which set?

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    V-Moda M100
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    Sennheiser Momentums
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    Sennheiser Urbanite XL
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Alright I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to Hi-Fi sound. I've always been satiated with Skullcandy Titans and Ink'ds but recently on my PC I've been using my "gaming" headset (Astro A40s) and got a taste of some higher quality headphones. I hate the A40s for around as a mobile headset, too big and bulky and not very attractive. Hung up between the Momentums from Sennheiser, Sennheiser Urbanite XLs, and the V-Moda M100s. Trying to keep the price low. I listen to a little bit of everything lately newer stuff (Glass Animals is up at the top of my most played this month), so mostly indie techno music. I'm running a OnePlus One which I believe has a 32 Ohm board inside...correct me if I'm wrong. If it isn't the 18 Ohm headsets will be better. I'm just looking for best sound for the least money at the moment since I don't have enough for a killer Amp. For now I'll stick to the digital EQ on my phone to fix any issues.


V-Moda M-100 Pros:


1) Design is killer

2) Durable (so I've been told)

3) Good bass and good highs

4) 32 Ohm Impedance provides listening on anything

5) Folds up nicely

6) Good carry case





2) Some claim muddled mids

3) iOS Prioritized Company/Headset



Sennheiser Momentum Pros:


1) Classy

2) Good bass and Good Highs and Good Mids

3) Rotating Jack




1) Price is a little high given that Urbanite XLs are $20 cheaper even when the Momentums are on sale.

2) Only 18 Ohm Impedance

3) iOS prioritized Headset


Sennheiser Urbanite XL Pros:


1) Same specs as Momentum

2) Stylish, wouldn't say classy more of a "hip" style

3) Folds up nicely

4) Options for the remote on Android Devices




1) Again 18 Ohm

2) Haven't seen a good carrying case for them (correct me if I'm wrong and I'll edit this one out)

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Also, if you would recommend a different set of cans let me know. Keep in mind I'm still in school so when in class they'll be thrown in their case and in a backpack (no danger of breaking but they aren't being placed on a headphone stand on my desk in a vacuum glass case within another vacuum glass case within a vault!).

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