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For Sale:
Tung sol / Bendix 6080 WB Graphite column plates free UK delivery

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Tung sol & Chatham branded / Bendix 6080 WB Graphite column plates. Two styles of column graphite plates in the lot plates shape is mixed and I can no longer make up pairs only three left now.


I'm building a new amp which does not use 6080 tubes so am selling off some of the spare tubes I have collected.

This listing is for one Tung sol or Chatham branded, Bendix 6080WB with graphite column plates, tests very strongly on my Hickok 6000 tester (right off the scale on the correct test settings) and runs nice and quite in my custom Bottlehead Crack OTL headphone amplifier. All in all a nice sounding and increasingly sought after vintage tube of the 6080 variety.

I have collected a few of these superbly constructed graphite tubes for using in my OTL amp mostly from equipment pulls and have more than one available, all test very strongly at what would be their NOS levels

Thanks for looking

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