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acs customs eartips (UK)

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I am writing this as it took me a long time to decide to go for these as they are relatively expensive and cannot be tried out before buying. I am certain they are many others in the same position.


I finally decided to try these after using shure /comply tips for some years and never getting a really secure fit in my left ear.


I went to Boots and the audiologist injecting the setting material into my ears which was totally painless. They then sent these off to ACS who completed the tips within a couple of weeks (Boots also give a 10% discount if you ask)


When i tried them out (initially) they felt slightly hard but come with some gel as this is obviously a common experience. After the second time of insertion they go into pretty easily (more easily than generic tips) and fit superbly, i do not feel either are likely to drop out of my ear. As an aside they are probably more hygenic as they do not require compressing before insertion.


The advantages for me besides super fit are increased isolation (a major issue - I can now use them while my wife watches TV without problem) and wider soundstage/superb deep bass which was present with the shure tips but didn't feel so solid. Overall a more musical and envelloping listening experience and well worth the (relatively high cost).


I am using these with se535.


Finally neither the ACS or Boots websites are that helpful in finding them but typing ACS custom tips works.

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Very nice, how about some pictures to show what you had done.  Nice to see that for some people customs needn't be a pita!

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Been thinking of getting some for quite a while but everything I read says they're a PITA so never bothered.

I second the request for pics of the finished product.
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Here are the photos, i did not realise that custom tips were regarded as pita - the whole process seemed trouble free.




btw they come with a nice little case to protect them and this is very useful for carrying and to wrap the cord around so it does not become tangled, the pictures show the se535 with aftermatket fiio cable.





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I've been wanting to get these made for a long time, I had ACS make me some musicians plugs last year and finally got around to getting the moulds for my SE535 which I picked up on sunday from where they'd been delivered to.


They fit perfectly (as do the plugs). I got the impressions taken in the ACS wagon backstage at a festival last year.


ACS service has been first rate for me. It's also worth noting that they hold scans of your impression for 4 years so you just need to call them up and order whatever you need


I'm no audiophile, 20 years of working at raves and concerts has ruined my hearing. I'm not entirely sure if there is an improvement in sound quality, but they do seem louder now - the moulds run much deeper into my ear than the medium black bullet shaped foam buds I always used. They don't start to irritate quite so quickly now. I'll be on a long haul flight tomorrow so will be able to judge the isolation then.


One slight gripe I have with them is that they seem prone to easily slip off the earphone itself during handling. Obviously they are squidgy so firm handling can distort them. I think I'll get used to the new way of inserting and removing them after years of the old way.


I have the same bag for mine (which is slightly different to the plugs one) and for me, it's not big enough with the stock cable. Too thin for the bulk of the earphone and plug, The stock Shure case is also too thin. Looks like I need to find a hardshell case like the Peli or similar.


I now have cable envy.... Ive not been 100% happy with the stock cable, the gold has now worn off the minijack. What do you think of the Fiio cable @magicalmouse ? I've found Beat Audio Cables, but they seem a little too rich for me right now.


First post here after lurking for some time, I'll work out how to upload some pics..

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That wasn't so hard..


The silicone doesn't look quite as pink in the flesh, but does have a pink tinge. I had to paint the colour on, I can't see which one is which in the dark. The other one was red, but I broke the tube off and had to get a replacement... an expensive mistake ;)


[edit] I'll post some pics with the plugs next to the tips for comparison soon




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Just to repeat myself from another thread, if you are thinking of getting tips done from acs you need to get a move on.  They are being discontinued from the end of the year.  After some thought I think I prefer a single solution (ie a ciem) than a two piece affair. 


Those ^ do look good though.

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Thanks David :)


That was a close shave then! It's a shame they are stopping, but market forces etc..


I will say that I can't recommend their musicians plugs enough - unfortunately they are too hard for me to sleep in so I use Howard Leight Max for that. Why are people so noisy in hotels? :(

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A couple of pics with my plugs. You can see the difference in colour. The plugs also look a bit dull from use.



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The fiio cable is fine although i have reverted to the stock cable although i find the positioning more difficult due to the retainers around the ear. The sound with the stock is slightly different in that it is copper rather than copper/silver of the fiio and is probably less detailed but smoother in sound and gets less easily tangled although to be honest it is very difficult to match cables as the time delay means comparison is problematic.

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