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For Sale: Shure SE846

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For Sale:
Shure SE846

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Purchased July 14th, 2014 new from Amazon. I'm original owner and only has about 20-30 hours of head/ear time. 


Comes with everything in the box. No scratches or scuffs or dings or anything. I even used a FiiO cable so the stock cables are barely used at all. Includes all stock tips. I preferred Westone Star tips so I didn't use any of the included tips. 


I will upload pics later tonight as I don't have the box with me. 


Asking price includes fees or shipping whichever is highest I will eat. Preferred shipping is USPS insured.


I am willing to ship anywhere if the shipper covers the difference in shipping cost. 


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Very nice deal for 846, if I hadn't bought mine already I'd be all over them.
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why you sellin

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Originally Posted by xedjflowx View Post

why you sellin


I don't listen to portable as much anymore and my SE215's are holding me over until I decide to go with a pair of customs down the road. 

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Anyone who may be interested in extra cables, I have some DHC cables for these Shure SE's.

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