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RHA 750i

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Really looking forward to the T10i headphones so much that (given I'm in NY for a few weeks without any headphones) I've bought a set of 750i to tide me over.

Just got them today and liking them a lot. I've agreed my wife can have these when the T10s hit the shelves.

Only issue with the 750i is driver flex. Left is way worse than right but is this an issue to be concerned with or just one of those things?!

I used to have it with a set of Sennheiser ear buds and always thought it was to do with the tips creating a seal but reading on here I see a number of people with 750s with the same issue.

So should I be concerned or not?


Also I know these will benefit from running / burning in. Any advice on the practicalities of doing this? Do I put one song on repeat or do I shuffle the songs? Also what about volume, high, low or medium?
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Morning! Thanks for picking up the MA750i


We've had a few reports of driver flex and though it might not be the most comfortable experience, it shouldn't really have any long term effect on the performance of the IEM. In the unlikely event that you were to experience an issue that might be caused by driver flex please don't hesitate to contact us via PM, we'll have a record of this post so any issues will be covered.



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Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Much appreciated.
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Just worked my way through all of the tips and my favourite are the large silicone ones as they provide the best isolation.

Can't wait till I get home to try these with some Sony hybrid tips.

Quick question though; does anyone have experience of the 750i with custom tips? I've wanted a set since I got my ADDIEMs but never got around to it?

The 750i sound great but I wonder how much better they'd sound with custom fit tips?!
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So opted to go any get some Sony hybrid tips in NY. Can anyone tell me why these are not sold by Sony?

You'd swear I loved cheap Sony earbuds the number of sets I've bought just to get the tips!

Are the ones you can get on eBay any good?

Ps much better isolation now and less slippage of the 750s when in my ears.
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