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Recording Digital Radio using Audacity

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Why I ask? I came across a unique interpretation of a piece of music (live broadcast recording not a CD) while listening to Digital BBC Radio (online 7 day repeat) and I recorded it using Audacity (a freeware program used by academics to create in house educational materials) since I know how to do this. That is Audacity can record the input from the internet. What quality is this recording? Audacity seems to say 44 mhz is standard it uses but has up to 96000 Hz in the drop down selection window. Um does this mean if you select this you actually get a better recording? Surely the quality is dependent on what the input is from the internet radio program). When one exports the recording you can choose FLAC as only 8/16 but with WAV or other format you can set 96000 for example. Are you actually getting that? Help if anyone knows how this may work. I have Sony Sound forge also but um don't know how to record net radio with that. Thanks


Hmm... maybe the original BBC stream format is/was 44.1kHz digital data but probably lossy encoded (mp3, wma, aac, ...) so there's no mean to capture (record) it using  higher (not even other) samplerate than what the original is/was.


When recording from analog sources (i.e. through mic/line inputs) you might get better quality recordings by setting the samplerate higher (... but it depends on ...).


You set the Audacity capture (recording) quality through 'audio track' properties.


When you export the track as FLAC, the encoder uses samplerate you have selected for track/project (you just select the quality and bit resolution through pop-up dialog).

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