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For Sale:
Fostex T50RP - Re-Listed - read

Will Ship To: Canada / US

First to address the low price:


There is nothing wrong with the headphones!


1. The caulking looks a little rough - but its only cosmetic. There is also some glue on one of the ear cups (done since I took the pictures last week - by accident). These are not pretty to start with and my concern has been with how these sound, not if I got some glue on the headband when I was modding them.

2. I finally found a headphone that I like more than these (the NAD HP50 - they (the HP50) are similar but with more bass).

3. Low price for a quick sale (I need to buy a cable).


Fostex T50RP with the DBv3 Mod done exactly as shown in BMFs thread. These have been my main headphones for a long time. These are neutral and have amazing mids. Overall they are a little darker than my old (now traded) HD580s. Need an amp to shine (check the massive ortho or T50RP thread).


The pads are HM5 and are glued and caulked on, it comes with the original cable as well as a modified VModa cable (red). These is some glue showing under the headband where to Sennheiser padding is glued on. You can pull the pads and caulking off and scrape the residue away to re-mod these, but you will need to buy new pads.



These respond well to EQ and sounded great from my laptop into a Little Dot III via a USB DAC.


New pics soon.


Shipping is around $20 in Canada, $35 or so to the US. Paypal gift for free shipping.

Will trade for 1.2m HE 300 cable.

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