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Hello, I am a metal/rock recording artist (instrumental guitar) I record DI to my computer with an AXE FX 2


My room is acoustically **** so i was looking at reference headphones instead of studio monitors for tracking, mixing and mastering.


I am either going to get


Not these, but the upgraded and newer model. The AKG 712 pro




or an O2




to power EITHER of these units.


The AKGs are a little more expensive, a little newer, have better stereo imaging, the same frequency resonse (2db lower then the 600s)


The impedance is 300 on the 600s and 62 on the AKGs

The AKGS have a higher DB sensitivity. 97 vs 105

The AKGs are lighter


I'm leaning towards the AKG... but the 600s have extensive field testing and have been tried true again and again, many swear by them


The AKGs are relatively newer, with less reviews/testimonials. Which would you get, and why? I am looking for the best means of mixing and mastering songs with a bit of synth, drum tracks and A LOT of guitar. I'm leaning towards the AKG. The purpose of getting these headphones is to eliminate the need for studio monitors when when my mix is done i will make sure it translates well to my friends studio monitors in his soundproofed room. My mixes normally do. Some very smart guys on this forum, look forward to your suggestions. 



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I have the AKG q701 and I think it would fit the bill very well. They tend to be a little "boring". I kind of agree that if music is made to sound good on them, they should sound good on any headphones. (this is the opinion I hear a lot)    I have no personal experience with the k712, so that is all I can say. I hope that helps a little. Everything else I could say would be just repeating what I have read here. I hope someone with more experience responds soon.

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Thanks for your input. The Q's aren't bad. I don't care if they're boring, as long as they give an accurate and natural representation of sound. I already have a nice pair of closed backs for gaming and videos :p

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