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For Sale:
Lampizator Lvl4 Gen 4 - Price drop.

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am listing my beloved Lampizator Level 3.8 Gen 4 DAC.  It’s the most beautiful digital front end I have ever heard, but tubes don’t fit my listening habits well so I have part ways. 


What is a Level 3.8?  Well, I had the same question so I emailed the very helpful folks at Lampizator and here is the answer:

Hi Paul,


There was a short period of time when Lukasz' supplier fell behind on providing him INOX chassis and had to use his Level 3 chassis for his Level 4 and two box 5 DACs.  


The chassis for Level 3 is 2 x thicker then the basic and powder coated in light grey. For Level 4 and 5 it is a 3 x thicker, brushed  INOX steel.  This does not make a difference in sound quality and we're talking millimeters.


The guts are basically equivalent to a stock Level 4, except for the rectifier which he upgraded in these DACs to make special.  Instead of a 6x5 or 5Y3 rectifier tube, Lukasz used his favorite:  the outstanding Mullard AZ31.


You are still talking about the looks and sound quality of a Level 4 and if Lukasz were not a man of integrity, he could have made the substitution without informing people and no one would know the difference.




Fred A.


So there you have it.  It’s a level 4.

How good does it sound?  Well, I’ve upgraded to an MSB Analog DAC – nearly 3 times the price – and I wouldn’t say that it is much better.  It’s perhaps more detailed but at the expense of musicality and fullness.  I listen is small instances at irregular intervals which results in me just not turning on my tube gear because it takes a long time to warm up, and then I end up having to leave it on for too long at a time.  Basically, I don’t use it because it’s tube based and too cumbersome for my listening habits so I am moving to a solid state setup.


The Lampi gives a remarkable life and zest to the music.  If you are looking for a toe tapping, finger snapping inducing DAC, Lampizator is the answer.


The DAC is a conservative 8/10 on the Audiogon scale.  The only real blemish I can find on the Lampizator is on the back of the front plate.  It is shown in detail below.  You 100% cannot see it from the front and I only noticed it when taking photos of the DAC for this listing.  The DAC comes with original boxes, and include all original paperwork.


The Lampi has 4+ years left on its 5 year transferrable warranty.




Located in Toronto, Ontario and ideally I would like a local pickup but that probably isn’t possible so shipping is at buyer’s expense.  Price is firm and Paypal is extra.


I’m not sure what else to add, so whatever jumps out at you, just send me a message.


Thank you for looking.































The Berkeley Alpha is not included in this sale.