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New England Headfi Meet - Saturday December 6th, 2014!  

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I spoke with Walter Swanbon, who owns of Fidelis AV (Nashua, NH), about having a New England Headfi Meet.  Their new store is located in Nashua, NH, which is approx. 45 miles (about a 30 - 40 min. drive) north of Boston.  


When:   Saturday, December 6th, 2014


Where: Fidelis A/V, Nashua, NH.


Fidelis AV's website:  http://www.fidelisav.com/   which lists their address: 460 Amherst St. (Route 101A), Nashua, NH




1) We haven't had a New England meet in ages - this is long overdue!

2) Fidelis A/V moved their store from Derry, NH to Nashua NH earlier this year, and their new store is worth seeing in itself!  

3) It will be catered (free food and beverages!)

4) You'll get to listen to some really good home audio rooms as well at Fidelis!

5) You can "dump" your spouses off at the big mall in Nashua, so they can do TAX FREE holiday shopping (that should help free up the date for you :biggrin:)



This date should give us time to try and get an many people to make it as we can, and it is after the Fall NY meet.  I was going to try and poll dates that would work, but I think it was just best to pick a date, make it solid, and hope it works for as many people as we can.


Excluding the large size of northern Maine, I'd say Nashua, NH is right in the middle of New England.  I'm not very familiar with this small city, but here is a link to info:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nashua,_New_Hampshire


I've been to the their new store, and the layout is really nice because it has a fairly large and open main section, and dedicated listening rooms around the main section. The main section will be perfect for setting up tables, and for those also interested in home audio, there is plenty to see and listen to!  In the main section, they even sell new and used CDs and LPs.  


There is plenty of parking in front of the store, as well as restaurants (independent and chain) to choose from all along Amherst St.  And the store's location itself is right off the the highway (RT. 3).




Here is my roll call so far.  Please PM me to let me know if I've made any mistakes, or missed anyone:
















Vinnie R.











Arty McGhee









As far as the gear you are bringing - please don't be concerned if it's "good enough" --- it is ALL good.  Just bring what you have, and we'll be there to HAVE FUN.  


We hope to see you there, and please let me know if you have any questions.



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I'll be there if i can!
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Well, with NH being my home state I'm gonna try and find a way to make it!   Hopefully there is enough interest to have a nice small gathering!

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Hey Guys,


Welcome aboard!  


Everyone - feel free to post what you'll be bringing.  As more people post, I'll update the 1st post with a list of members, MOTs, etc.

and gear that will be there.





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I can bring friends :-P

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I'm in Brattleboro, Vermont. I'd like to go! If anyone is driving from VT or Keane, let me know as I don't have a car.


I have the following gear:


Meridian Director

Koss ESP-950

AKG K340

LH Audio Geek Out 1000

Yarland P100

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I am happy to see this finally come around. I will be there and probably bring a few friends also. Truth be told, I have had very little exposure to anything decent in the way of headphones. My current rig is a Fiio E11 and Superlux 681 EVO. Great bang for the buck, but I doubt anyone wants to hear it. I will however bring the cans just in case.

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Hi folks
I'm gonna make this if time permits
I have some modded tr-50s and porta pros I'd like people to hear
And lotsa diy cables and I'm amassing a pretty good collection of Chinese budget iems

How do these things work can we sell stuff or is it strictly demo?
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I'm in!  I have the ubiquitous lcd-2 if anybody want to hear them with the nordquist cables.

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Sounds like fun.   I'm in.  Will be less than an hour's ride from the Seacoast. 



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oh boy, this is going to cost me plenty. last time i went to one of these my wallet screamed all the way home. bunch a schitt and hifiman <grin> looking forward to hearing the lcds.

post up what you'd like me to bring

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I'd like to go as well...I will have to wait until we get closer to see what my schedule looks like...I can bring my HD700's and some of my portable gear.

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Hey, if you guys can get at least 15 attendees I might be able to make it.  

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I'll be there barring some emergency.....will need to figure out what I'll bring.


FYI, Fidelis has a couple nice vinyl setups, for those interested.  The speaker based systems - even though in separate rooms -  may interfere some with headphone listening in the open area, but they should be worth hearing.

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I'm going to try and make this too. Thanks for setting this up, Vinnie. :)

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