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Looking for a new desktop headphone.

Currently I own the ATH-M50s and I am quite happy with them, but they are a bit cold, dry and shouty sounding.


Budget: $250 (200€)

Location: Germany

Source: Fiio E10

Music: Synth/Power Metal, soundtracks from movies, games and anime

Preferred sound: Big, punchy but clean bass. Warm mids. Sparkly, but not sibilant treble. Some roll off is okay, but it shouldn't sound dull either.

Nice to have features: replaceable ear pads

Not important: velour pads, removeable cable


What I have experiences with so far:


Onkyo ES-FC300:

Very good, close to what I want sonically, but on ear only unfortunately


Focal Spirit One S:

Also very nice, but too uncomfortable


Beyerdynamic DT 990:

Bass was all rumble and no impact, painful highs


Philips Fidelio X1:

Rather pleasant, but didn't like ear pads and the bass lacked impact, though less so than DT 990. I think it's an open-back issue?


Superlux 681:

Too harsh highs


Creative Aurvana Live!:

Pretty nice, but a bit unrefined and bloated lows


V-Moda Crossfade M100:
Awful. Bass was all rumble but no bite, treble was dull except for a harsh peak at 10kHz and every frequency range (bass, mids, highs) felt detached from one another.