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For Sale: New DSPeaker Antimode 2.0 for Sale

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For Sale:
New DSPeaker Antimode 2.0 for Sale

Will Ship To: Con US

Hi guys,
I have a brand new Antimode Dual Core, literally 5 days old for sale. I am selling it because it turns out to be redundant in my system. Unfortunately underwood hifi will not accept a return of the unit, I should have read their return policy. So my loss is your gain, this is a brand new unit, all original packaging, has been used for maybe 8 hours. The eq works extremely well, and the dac is honestly on par with my gungnir which is saying something. This is honestly the best digital pre-amp I have ever used, I just don't have use for it.


Also if you do not know about this thing, here are some great uses for it. All digital Pre-amp (analog volume controller) with defeat-able room correction. Use the analog in to run it in a tap loop for on or off room correction. Use the spdif in spdif out to do correction in the digital domain and then output the correct signal to your dac of choice. On top of the auto calibration this unit has 16 peq's, and 4 memory banks. Setup a calibration for your 2 channel main system, and then use the peq to fine tune the response of your headphones. Finally this is also probably the best sub correction system and can hand .1, dual mono, and .2 systems with ease. 


It won the golden ear award. 

So price, I am thinking $850 plus shipping and paypal fees. Please ask for images if you would like them, the unit is in perfect condition. 

PM me, so I get the message. Can supply pictures and ship as soon as monday.


Also it is a fully balanced DAC. 

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pm sent

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