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photos about SONY WM-EX20

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Looks a lot nicer then the garbage we get in the US. Because tapes are old hat here, and have been replaced almost entirely, the US gets only crap quality walkmans. If I were looking for something to play a tape on, that looks quite nice, but it probably isn't avalible here.

You will find that most of the people here use CDs or LPs for home listening and Minidisc for portable, which I find superior to tape and even CD for portability and even sound quality reasons (The MD players generally sound a lot better then the bad CD players that are avalible here).
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in fact,i just use discman and cdplayer
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THat tape walkman is available in Denmark - I saw it in an electronics store that also carries a bunch of nice panasonic pcdp's and an impressive wall'o'phones, including the sony mdr-888 which I haven't seen any other places in Denmark. They also have the philips HP550 and the senn buds. (the rest is junk).
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Hey Flasken, how much does that walkman retail for in US dollars? I have a Japanese walkman, slim just like that one posted above and its shiny blue.
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