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A Bit off Topic

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What's the best bargain as a keyboard/ synthesiser for my E-MU 1212M? Do I have to buy one that's more expensive than my soundcard (which I still couldn't find one that isn't). I'm just an amateur, who likes making funky beats and mixing songs tracks thru SONAR 2 or Nuendo.....no need for a fully pro setup, but I'd appreciate to have one that can fully put my PC's potential to use, as well as make music that does sound pro. I play trip hop, hip hop, jazz and electronica, as well as jazz.
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If it was a keyboard and not hardware synth it would be cheaper.
A fewer # of octaves is also cheaper.


I use the PCR50.

PCR-30 is $170 so is cheaper than emu 1212m at $199
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Have you looked at the prodikeys by creative? That may be to gimmicky for you but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.
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I'd get a Korg Microkontrol. I have my eye on one. They seem to go for about $300 and they look perfect for what I need: keyboard, programmable knobs, sliders, and touchpads. Check froogle.google.com for pricing.

- Chris
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Hmm...so what makes up a good keyboard? Simply "more buttons"? It's just that I'm a newbie, but I've got extreeme interest in this, so tht's why even thought I'm looking for cheap, I don't want something like, ugghh...
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MIDI Controller keyboard

You're probably better off checking with several of the MIDI forums. There are also several reputable resources for finding used equipment which will save you the most money rather than settling for something that's "new" and less useful. MIDI equipment usually holds its value well.

As with most things, the more work you put into finding what's perfect for you, the better chance you'll have at finding the best deal. Considering the fact that you're new to this type of music equipment, I'd recommend picking up a DIY home recording book. The more you know how the process works, the easier it will be to pinpoint exactly what you're looking for. Good hunting bro!
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Thanks Budley, exactly and perfectly what I needed! I just didn't think bout that before....alright, I'll start searching, thx everyone!
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help! any forums for used MIDI keyboard controllers?
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Used gives you a better price but how much would shipping for such a large item be to get to HK? A keyboard isn't heavy but it sure is a large item. I would suggest looking used local first. I don't really visit music forums so I wouldn't know.

Keyboards how have a lot of features (lights, buttons, sliders, knobs, etc.) It may very well be that you don't use all of them.
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