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For Sale:
Audeze LCD-2 Rev 1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Purchased new from Headphonic in June 2011, only owner, used from purchase date until roughly mid 2013. They're well kept but have a slight odor from being in storage.


This particular pair I have are somewhat special in that they're the later Revision 1's that came just before the Rev 2's, meaning they have most of the upgrades but with the warmer Rev 1 driver. I was one of the people that could have sent them in for the Rev 2's but decided not to and by the impression I got from the people that did, I'm glad I didn't. So if you're into butter like me, these are for you.


They come with all the accessories, documents, packaging seen in the photo. Note that the wooden box has a split on the lid but doesn't effect the functionality.


I'm asking for SOLD which includes postage Australia-wide and Paypal fees. I'm prepared to ship overseas but be aware that you'll take on the hefty shipping cost and Paypal fees.


Questions welcomed.



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