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aftermarket cable

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So not even half a year after owning my Etymotic ER4-Ps, the cable is giving me some problems.  It tangles and twist very easily and is now exposed at several spots.  After some research, I bought an after market cable from null audio.  It sounds a lot better than the stock cable I had, but the only drawback is the cable has ear loops.  Personally I am not a fan of cables that require you to loop over the top of your ear and that was primarily one of my reasons in purchasing the ER4-P's.


Is there any way I can straighten the cord where it loops without damaging it...short of returning it and re-ordering and specifying that I don't want the cable looped?

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if it has memory wire you could always cut it off carefully

never bought a cable from null audio before but ive done it on other cables before
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