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Cheap interconnects for analog

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I need help looking for interconnects between my turntable and phono preamp....and not sure if I should get new interconnects between my phono preamp and the headphone amplifer. I'm currently running outlaw interconnects, which sounded good to me for digital. what do you guys recommend for <$50 a pair? If there's something a little more thats a lot better, I'll consider that too.

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Wow, we just had a thread like this! Your Outlaws are good if they have RCA connectors.
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Signal Cable

I've been comparing their Analog Two cables to my Au24 & Nordost red Dawn. I'm still drawing conclusions but these $49 cables have no business being as good as they are. A wonderful value.
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What kind of analogue, exactly? The reason for asking is that MM cartridges react more critical to cable capacity, whereas you should look for low resistance cables for MC pickups.

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