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For Sale: Audio GD Phoenix

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Audio GD Phoenix

Will Ship To: Continental US

I bought this amp from Currawong in May of this year. His classified can be seen here: 

This is a great amp from a very good company that originally sold for $1200. The Phoenix is comprised of two units - the amplifier and a separate power supply. The amp has five inputs ( 2 RCA, 2 XLR, and 1 ACSS) and two outputs (RCA and XLR). A very nice feature of the amp is the pre-amp button which toggles between the headphone outputs and pre-amp outputs (which means you can switch between speakers and headphones with the push of a button). The amp has three headphone outputs (1/4" SE, balanced dual 3-pin XLR, balanced 4-pin XLR). The power supply unit controls the inputs and volumes. One knob selects between the five inputs while the other controls the volume. Each input has its own volume so various sources can be easily volume-matched. All of these functions can be controlled by the included remote control.
Also included:

The original DC power cables.

Black Dragon-wired power cables

A shorter data cable (for the volume control between both parts) which uses serial to RJ-45 adaptors.

Spare rotary encoders for the volume control

Spare knobs

Remote control

Power cable


The full list of specs can be found here:


I'm selling this because I now own a Schiit Ragnarok which will be my one and only amp (at least until something else bigger and better comes out and replaces it). I'm asking $650 shipped only to continental US - this amp/power supply is rather heavy, so international shipping is out.



*the HD650s in the first picture are not included (obviously)

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It's funny this is the Amp Curra Reviewed that planted the "audio gd" seed in my head! I now have a NFB 10ES2, though without THIS Pheonix I might have have the amp I do :D 


Good buy guys snatch it up! 

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