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Okay I'm trying to replace ATH-EM5, ATH-EM7, ATH-EM700ti, JVC Victor HP-AL1000, Pioneer SE-EX9 (yes they are all clip-ons) cord, meaning the entire cord. 4 consist of U-Cables and 1 that is a Y-Cable.

I know that they are around 12~18 AWG as well as what 3.5 mm jack & cable splitter I want to use.


The thing is, I don't know what conductor I should use. Should I use a 3 conductor cable then 2 conductor cables-

   Layout: Something like this


Or Should I use a 4 conductor and combine one of the conductors with another to make one ground and the other 2 are for the left and the right.


or should I just get single conductors and create my own wire where I can make as much conductors as I want and use a dual adhesive lined shrink tube to hold them.


I'm going to sleeve most if not all of them with a tight braid.


Also the ATH-EM-700's are held by adhesive, should i heat gun the frame , since the frame is glued by industrial adhesive to the outer casing, then remove it?


Please What method should I use and please suggest anything else or better ideas


I'm kind of new at wiring so please help,

Thank You.

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