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PRESS RELEASE: Sennheiser at IFA 2014 - The Future of Audio

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Every year, IFA – the world’s leading CE show, provides perspectives on the newest consumer electronics technologies, game changing trends and the latest insights on market development. The future of the audio market will be the focus of one of the IFA International Keynotes this year. Sennheiser’s CEOs Daniel und Andreas Sennheiser will talk about ”Shaping the Future of Audio“ and offer views on what it takes to stay ahead. Sennheiser’s IFA booth will be all about innovation too, as the audio specialist showcases the newest member of its successful and expanding MOMENTUM family, as well as an all-new lifestyle headphone range and their new CX earphone series. At the booth, visitors will also have the opportunity to try out “Mogees”, an innovative device which transforms any touchable object into a unique musical instrument.


  At the annual IFA International Keynotes, representatives of the industry’s leading companies provide an overview of the latest developments in the consumer electronics and home appliances market. This year, joint CEOs Daniel and Dr. Andreas Sennheiser will offer unique insights into a company that continues to reinvent itself to let a culture of innovation flourish.


Sennheiser’s achievements in the high-end audio sector with iconic products such as the HD 800 and IE 800 as well as its continual advancements in the field of wireless audio solutions demonstrate the company’s continued ability to lead through innovation. Yet this is no longer enough: today it is necessary to combine technical achievement with products that thrill and excite, tapping into as yet unrecognised desires. This keynote reveals how the family-run company continues to look forward, anticipating what consumers want, while redefining what is possible. The event will take place on Saturday, 6 September 2014 at 2 p.m. on the IFA International Keynote Stage at CityCube Berlin in hall A4/A5.


Innovative New Products at the Sennheiser Booth


  The Sennheiser booth in hall 1.2, booth 202 will also be about innovative new products that perfectly meet the needs of specific target groups. Focusing on the evolution of Sennheiser’s lifestyle headphones, the audio specialist will unveil the newest member of its successful and expanding MOMENTUM family, as well as an exciting new headphone range. Visitors will also get the chance to try Sennheiser’s new CX earphone series which was first introduced to the press during the IFA Innovations Media Briefings in July.


An all-new acoustic design built around Sennheiser’s proprietary driver technology ensures that the CX 1.00, CX 2.00, CX 3.00 and CX 5.00 deliver excellent clarity across the frequency range. “As IFA is the world’s leading fair for consumer electronics, it provides an ideal opportunity for us to introduce the innovative new products that will let Sennheiser continue to deliver outstanding sound experiences to our customers and distribution partners,” said Daniel Sennheiser.


This spirit of innovation is also embodied by Mogees, a brand-new device which will be showcased at Sennheiser’s IFA booth. Invented by Bruno Zamborlin, an ambassador of Sennheiser’s social video project ‘What’s your MOMENTUM?’, Mogees transforms any touchable object into a unique, powerful musical instrument. The system is a combination of a vibration sensor and a mobile app that detects and analyses the acoustic properties of physical objects and modifies them so as to make musical. Conor Barry, Event Producer at Mogees, will be presenting the device at the Sennheiser IFA booth from 5 to 9 September, inviting visitors to make music with everyday objects.


Source: http://en-de.sennheiser.com/news-sennheiser-at-ifa-2014-

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Great news. I still listen to my CX 300 IIs. Amazing IEMs. I hope these new ones include a universal remote control (for Android and Windows Phone).

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Could you give us a hint on what the new Momentum will be? A full size one? Cause I'll definitely buy that.

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Personally I'm really interested in the new CX line of earphones. I own the now discontinued CX 300-B (back when it was $25 on Amazon) and it's lasted me 6 years so far. It's still my go-to earphone to listen to music in bed.
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i am too really interested in the new CX line. the old line was good, but other competitors have come out. the bass was also too muddy to me, so i hope its improved on here.
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I hope that the cheapest model of these new iems will be at least on par with cx-500. Current cx line is not sounding good for their MSRP's by todays standarts.

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+1, which is why i was wondering why Sennheiser did not release a new CX line for so long.
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I hope by 'new' Momentums they mean more than new colours. :p

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Hope they'll replace the flimsy cables from the cx300 in the new cx range.

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More information on the new CX series..


Raising the bar: Sennheiser launches all new in-ear headphones


Audio expert Sennheiser will be launching a new range of in-ear headphones – the new CX series. Built around an all new acoustic design and driver technology, the CX 1.00, CX 2.00 CX 3.00 and CX 5.00 ear-canal headphones offer an excellent sound experience for those that demand better sound when on the move. The CX 2.00 and CX 5.00 will be equipped with integrated microphones for taking phone calls at any time. 




  “The new CX range distils Sennheiser’s leadership in headphones into lightweight, portable designs that offer great value, with incredible performance,” said Christian Ern, Director of Product Management Consumer, Sennheiser Communications. “Quality portable audio is becoming increasingly universal – particularly with the impressive market development of smartphones and tablets. Expectations are shifting, and people are expecting more from their music. Building on Sennheiser’s seven decades of experience in delivering excellent sound, the CX series anticipates this demand. The needs of mobile users are met through quality headsets with integrated mics and in line remotes for both Apple and Samsung Galaxy devices. There’s no need compromise with the music you love.”


The CX 1.00 headphones offer excellent value and pure simplicity but are still built on a Sennheiser acoustic that doesn’t compromise on great sound while delivering deep bass. The CX 2.00 provides a similarly vibrant yet bass-driven sound, with the convenience of an inline 3-button remote with integrated mic – available for either Apple iOS or Samsung Galaxy and other Android phones. The ultra small designs of both CX 1.00 and CX 2.00 come in a choice of black of white.


Building on the success of the acclaimed and highly popular CX 300 II, the new CX 3.00 headphones offer a sound performance with even more detail and enhanced bass. Available in white, black and red, the contrasting matt and high gloss surfaces of the CX 3.00’s sleek design speak of their quality and attention to every detail: 

From the elliptical profile of the colour-coordinated, tangle-free cable to the low-profile angled plug – form follows function in pleasing harmony.


The range-topping CX 5.00 headset features a similar acoustical design to the CX 3.00 adding an inline 3-button remote with integrated omni-directional microphone. Available in two versions for Apple iOS or Samsung Galaxy and other smart devices, the CX 5.00 makes answering and making calls or controlling the music on a connected smartphone effortless. Both variants of the CX 5.00 are available in either black or white.  


Describing the sound performance of the new CX headphones, Charles Cha, Product Manager at Sennheiser explained: “We have created an all new acoustic design built around a new driver technology that ensures excellent clarity across the frequency range. Particular attention has been paid to high frequencies for a smooth, accurate reproduction without any of the harshness that afflicts lesser ear canal headphones. At the same time all CX headphones serve up powerful yet clearly defined bass that brings music to life while still maintaining great clarity in the mids. With the new CX models we have raised the bar for ear canal headphones across the range.“


All CX headphones are supplied with a range of four sizes of earsleeves for a perfect fit and excellent external noise attenuation to ensure a great listening experience, even in noisy environments. Both the CX 3.00 and CX 5.00 come supplied with a hard carry case for convenient storage. 


Source: http://en-de.sennheiser.com/news-raising-the-bar-sennheiser-launches-all-new-in-ear-headphones

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looks good , lets see how it sounds !!

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Interested in this new Momentum myself.

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What is it with Sennheiser and bass with their CX marketing? Bass, bass, bass. Ugh.

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Originally Posted by benbenkr View Post

What is it with Sennheiser and bass with their CX marketing? Bass, bass, bass. Ugh.

 sennheiser earphones feed on bass , ie8/80/800/60/6/7/70 , cx180/200/215/300/ii/400/ii/500 , most .


i tried the ie6/7 once and they were bass heavy and ie8 is for sure .

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Any upcoming successors for IE80/800's? I'm in a market for a top of the line IEM. :rolleyes:

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