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Wanted: WTB: Shure SE846

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This Classified is Closed

WTB: Shure SE846

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Just looking for a pair of SE846 (now), preferably with original packaging and accessories.

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For Sale or Trade: $400 (USD)
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I've got a set of solo 2's. U have anything to trade or are you just looking to buy?
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Just looking to buy.


Send me a PM and we can talk!

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It's not really cool of you to run your ad asking for offers, while you blatantly ignore your multiple PMs after expressing initial interest, and having discussions about price and other conditions.

This is not about making a decision whether to deal with a certain person, or about how good an offer is. This is about common courtesy. Even if you are in the midst of a decision hoping to garner more attractive offers, you need to have the decency to at least request for a delayed decision, and give some rough indicator as to when you will reply with a clear decision. Especially so if the other person has taken the effort to post pictures and other additional conditions for your viewing pleasure.

You seem like a really nice guy up till where our conversations suddenly tailed off, and I am very open to the possibility that there is some valid reason (your inbox being full maybe?) for leaving me in the lurch given how your trader feedback has been nothing but positive. I just ultimately hope for a responsible line of action.

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