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For Sale:
FS: Woo Audio WA3 with Pre-Amp Option

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling a Woo Audio WA3+ (with the pre-amp option). It comes with a NOS Tung-Sol 7236 (purchased from Woo Audio) and a pair of JJ 6922's (OEM). A magnificent little OTL tube amp.


Woo Audio WA3: $520 + Pre-amp Option: $100 + Tung-Sol 7236: $80 = Total: $700 - Get it all for $475 425 plus shipping or pick up in the Pittsburgh area.


See pictures in this listing.


I have used the amp approximately 80 hours since getting it in April.  Reason for selling is that I bought another tube amp that has an integrated DAC.  Note that the linked listing calls this amp mint.  I can't really say that I've put any wear and tear on the amp since I've owned's sat in one place and hasn't moved since I got it.  But I've learned from a few sales here that here on head-fi mint means mint and I just don't want to convey something as absolutely perfect when it's been out of the box for awhile.  That said, don't worry about this having any more wear and tear or physical issues on it than the day I got it.

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