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For Sale or Trade:
FS/FT : Denon D2000 [Price Drop]

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Conditions : Sales are final. I believe that I am very thorough and honest in how I evaluate the gear that I have. Unless there is a glaring, and I mean glaring, mistake on my part, there will be no renegotiating and or refunding. I'm just a hobbyist, not a store, and can not afford to eat shipping on a constant basis. Please do your research and be thorough yourself with questions. Thanks. smily_headphones1.gif
  • Payment : I accept paypal.
  • Shipping : Buyer covers shipping (Buyer's choice; Default is Priority)
    International buyers can PM me to discuss shipping arrangements.
  • Fees : Buyer covers (3.5%) if not gifting.

Denon D2000 - $OLD : Headphones & 1/4 Adapter (Not original); No box

2nd Owner. Hours of previous owner is unknown but personally, I've used it about 20 hours since I've gotten them.

Condition : Very Good
  • Cups : Left - Slight scuffs; Right - Slight scuffs
  • Frame : Slight scratches and scuffs
  • Headband : Great condition; No discernible blemishes
  • Pads : Great condition; Firm and plush; No discernible blemishes
  • Cable : Great condition; No fraying nor kinks.

I can take more detailed pictures if requested; Currently have a potato for a camera.

Trades : Wouldn't mind downgrading. Looking for a set of AKG K712, Philips X1, or Sony MDR-MA900s but will listen to offers.
PM me if you have any questions;
Thanks for looking. wink.gif
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