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For Sale:
iFi micro iDAC

Will Ship To: USA

iFi micro iDAC in good condition. This is the Sabre based iFi iDAC which has been very well reviewed. I recently got the micro iDSD and this one is now going unused. I tried the nano iDSD and returned it because I thought the iDAC was still better with PCM. New price is $300.  I have an ifi iPurifier that works well with it that I can include for another $60 (new price $100.)


I just noticed one issue with this iDAC that has caused me to drop the price. The 3.5mm headphone jack has the tiniest bit of play in it that can cause it to loose good contact if the cable is pulled. The cable can be positioned easily so full contact is made. So the plug still works, but it is not quite perfect. This is the only functional issue, the RCA outputs work perfectly (which is how I always used it in my main setup.)

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