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For Sale: Stax SR-202 in great shape

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For Sale:
Stax SR-202 in great shape

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Purchased these on a whim recently and was pleasantly surprised by both the condition and sound.  The only thing I can fault is the bass response which is not as punchy but still quite good response for a Stax Lambda.


These sound really nice but I will stick with my even older and more beat up Lambdas instead.


The outer facing foam seems to be intact and not rotting all over the place.  The inner ear facing foam however has been mostly cleaned out.


The pads look to be very nice with minimal wear.


I am also trying to sell a 100v SRM-323s with proper voltage transformer.  Let me know if you'd like to acquire both.


Asking $220 shipped CONUS.

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