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the broken iems are JVC HA-FXT90.

i'm debating between buying new pair at an excellent price (70USD compared to 110USD),

or looking for another pair that'll be an upgrade for me and the type of music i mostly play.


i really liked the sound signature, that's the most important aspect i'm looking for. they were simply really good at everything.

with the kind of music i'm listening to, the "fun, all around performance, forward" was great. with ~8 hours a day - durability is also a must (and was also really good).


99% of the time i listen to uplifting trance / orchestral uplifting - high bpm with long breakdowns/melodies with classical instruments

here are some examples for my favorite artists (inc. links to their bests in my opinion):

Andy Blueman
Soundlift (i set the starting time to the melody)

Arisen Flame

Aly & Fila, Solarstone


budget is 100+- USD