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Hi Everyone


I have a iPhone 5s 64 gb with lots of music inside and now use beats earphones. I love a good sound and really need to upgrade. I've been reading a lot in forums and such and only get more confused about the many choices in headphones and dac/amps. I like a good bass so i think since the price has dropped on the V-Moda Crossfade M100 that would a nice choice for me. But what dac/amp should i use ? The Vamp Verza is good for iPhones i read somewhere but way to expensive. So i found out that the FiiO E17 is nice but uses only the amp function in combination with iPhone and does not bypass the internal dac. The FiiO E12 has only a amp so that would be sufficient right ? Then i read that you can use most dac/amps on the iPhone 5s with a camera connection cable and FiiO L9 lod but still will use the dac on the iPhone instead of the external one. I understand that buying a good Android phone would solve the dac problem but i like my iPhone because of the big storage and option to jb. Then the next thing is i've no idea how to look at ohm, bit, khz etc in this matter.


Can anyone please help me make a good choice on buying a dac/amp for a reasonable price ($50/$200), combination iPhone 5s/V-Moda M100.

Or suggestions on a other good setup are also very welcome.

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