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lollipop headphones

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Hi all;

While trolling through ebay, I noticed something called lollipop headhones designed to be held to the ear.

Can anyone tell me what these are for-can't fathom their purpose.

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lollipop headphones?

maybe some new boneconduction technology?

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If i'm not mistaken, these are for DJing like at clubs and whatnot. i've seen them advertised in DJ catalogues. just not as "lolipop" headphones.

my money is on them sounding like crap
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No... they are for seminars and things...

People who don't speak the native langauge can hold these things up to the ear, where they can hear an interpretor... they are RF "phones"

I've seen, and used these, at the Mary Rose "tour" in Portsmouth (UK)... they are pure nastyness
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whatever man, people use them for DJing too.

although now that you mention it, i have seem them on CSPAN before. what a channel, that CSPAN. not to mention CSPAN2!!
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