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Alternate Headphone to the sennheiser momentum

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I just picked up a pair of these, and honestly I'm disappointed.  I've put some hours into listening on them, and they just sound kind of muddy.  Its strange, because you can pick out the notes and detail, but I think the bass is so loose that it kind of washes over the rest of the sound.  Led Zep/Hendrix type of music seems to play best on these IMO.


I usually choose earbuds in the $100 category (A-jays 5s now) but wanted to try something more visible for the office (so people interrupt me less often at work).

   SOOOO they're going back.  I demo'd the B&W P5 at the apple store, and thought those were an improvement.  In my quick review, I thought it was easier to pick out detail, and even though there was ample bass, it did not seem to subsume the mids and highs like the momentums did.

   Anyway, I wanted to know what else you all recommend.  These will be mostly for work so open back is out. A mic is ideal for meetings, and sound wise, I guess I skew towards accuracy and soundstage over boomy bass.

  Thanks for Reading,


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What is your budget?


What equipment will be powering these cans?  Will you be using an amp?

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Thanks for the reply :)

  Ideally, I'd keep it to USD 300, but will go up to 400 if worthy. 

  I'd like to go with the phones that go best with a plain smartphone or laptop, ideally.  Excellent question, by the way.



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For on the go use withut an amp, I recommend the NAD VISO HP50, PSB M4U 1, Focal Spirit Pro or Sony MDR 7520.  These are listed in order from warm to dead neutral (I call it a tie in that regard between the FS and Sony).   See:










The 7520 is a great studio can with a detachable cable that has compatibility with a standard 1/8" male to 1/8" male cable.


Be aware that these cans will likely be even better with a DAC or DAC/amp updrade from what typically come with a smart phone and especially with a PC laptop on-board audio.

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Maybe go for a modded T50RP? Some mods sound fantastic, listening to the Alpha Dogs right now and they are amazing for the price. 

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Thanks a ton, guys.  I'll look into these.  I already have focal in my car and I'm a fan :)

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Lots of people who didn't like the Momentum were much happier with the NAD Viso. I have the Momentum and was disappointed as well, so currently looking at the NAD.

The Focal by most accounts is very uncomfortable with its small earpads and heavy clamp pressure, so just something to look out for. Haven't heard it, but by all accounts it is stellar sounding.

I have no real recommendation other than to say those are the two most recommnded headphones for Momentum dislikers, as the bass is indeed loose and I hate the treble. Splashy and peaky while having no extension, blah. I love the mids on the momentum tho
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IMO the Momentums are quite overrated and I prefer the MDR-1R by a lot. I haven't tried the NAD unfortunately. 

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Different strokes for different folks. Have the Sony MDR 1R as well and vastly prefer the Momentums, didn't think the 1R were even worthy of being mentioned tbh
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I think both are not great, but IMO the Sony is better. 

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Where do you guys put the B&W P5/7s on this list?

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My next two purchases in your price range will be the Focal Spirit Professional (for accuracy) and V-MODA Crossfade M-100 (for fun).


Someone told me the P7 is not preferable to even my current headphones (the Bose QuietComfort 15) due to their warmth/color and comfort issues.

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