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For Sale: Fitear F111

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For Sale:
Fitear F111

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale is a mint-condition Fitear F111. I recently purchased it through PriceJapan for 554,285 yen. There was an issue of channel imbalance, which was quickly fixed after cleaning of the canal, a method suggested after inquiring some headphone repair professionals. It sounds perfect now with absolute clear quality. There is no cosmetic damage on these IEMs and it comes with the original accessories and packaging with limited warranty and a Pelican 1010 case. As for my review of the IEMs, they are very, very, very sensitive headphones. I mean that they will pick up every little detail that comes through the source. If you have poorly-recorded albums, you will know right away, but if you're playing PCM files through a high-end DAC, you will fully appreciate everything this little beast has to offer. First of all, my greatest concern in any listening device is comfort. I give 11 out of 10 for these. The fit was perfect for me with medium-sized stock tips, and I could wear it all day without ever feeling its weight on my ears. I never thought that a single-driver IEM could impress me, but the F111's was a game-changer. Its greatest prize lies in its refined highs with quick decay. The highs are slightly bright but never fatiguing unless you're listening to tracks from PERFUME's albums all day. The mids are a bit forward as well, allowing the vocalist to stand out from the rest of the instrumental sounds. The quantity in bass is less than I'm used to (coming from a lot of Denons, Hifiman), but it fully extends throughout the sound spectrum and is quite punchy. In terms of soundstage, it is more 3-D rather than just a wide stage. It makes it easier to locate and appreciate each instrument. 

My offer is $360 shipped for gift paypal or add paypal charges.

Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks.

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How about a trade smily_headphones1.gif
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Price now to 380shipped
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