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Ok so my story is that I never actually wanted hq music untill one day I heard some songs on my friend's beats by dre headphones and it blew my mind. So I decided to do some hardcore googling and get my self a pair of as good headphones as i could get, and i landed the m-100's which are the absolute perfection to me obviously since i never even saw similar headphones live :D


The problem is that I usually listen to my music when I'm outside, which means i connect them to my smartphone (Nokia Lumia 520) which actually has better sound than a lot of smartphones i used, but It's still not enough for my nooby audiophile needs. Thats when i decided i should buy an amp i could carry with me. I started hardcore googling again and figured out i have no freakin idea what a DAC or an AMP does and which one do i need. Dont get me wrong, the m-100's sound GREAT just on my smartphone, but when i connect them on my stereo... wow.. just wow.. that sound and that BASS.


So yeah, i'd like you to help me find amp/dac or whatever i need to get the most quality sound that preferably has a nice clean sharp bass boost :D