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IEM or Headphones

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I'm a musician (violinist) and music teacher i listen to lots of music (classical-- baroque-- jazz) so mainly to acoustic instruments and in huge scale (full orchestra ) no i was considering getting some headphones or IEM but I'm short of money as I'm buying a new instrument and getting engaged too :) ... so i was thinking in some entry level things now my budget is 100 $ i wand a good separation and details of the orchestra's instruments i was thinking in two options the shure se215 & sennheiser hd518 .... isolation or open back i don't care it is the resolution and details & clarity + sound stage ... i will be using the Sansa clip+ as my source with no amplifier .... i know 100 $ is few but i want the best for them for now :) ... if any body could suggest other IEMs or Headphones i will appreciate it :)

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IEMs would give you more detail for the price and much better isolation, but the se215 probably wouldn't be a good match for your usage.
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If I were you, I'd look at either the VSonic GR07 or the RE400. I am a classically trained percussionist, and both of those served me well and would probably do the same for you
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still waiting for suggestions or advice ... @ JoeDoe i'm researching the two IEMs you mentioned

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bump .... headfiers any help please ! .... hd518 or se215 or any thing else for 100 $ .... priority for details in classical music and any acoustic music , sound stage, instrument separation and clarity.

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Get the RE-400, they are still the king for under $100 for me. 

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