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My new Ath-m50xbl

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Hey guys I'm just new here I like this forum there's some interesting info on here. My new Ath-m50xbl just rocked up this morning I was a bit apprehensive at first because I didn't know what to expect I have never brought a pair over 50 dollars before but yeah after reading all of the reviews I must say that these are even better then what I thought they would be the only bad thing I would say is I ordered them online and had I got to see them in person I would have probably got the black the brown and blue is going to take a bit of getting use to I reckon they look different in the flesh to the pictures not that I'm complaining though it's what I ordered anyway I love the sound out of these I listened to the virtual haircut on YouTube with my eyes shut and I swear I was there getting my hair actually cut anyway thanks for reading this do they need breaking in or anything? And is it bad to listen to them at full volume can you damage the headphones by doing that?
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You will damage your ears before you damage your headphones from high volume. Your hearing isn't replaceable.

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i use my q701s as speakers when i don't feel like putting on headphones so they can go pretty loud without damaging it. mines are open back though
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Thanks for the advise yeah your right it isn't worth losing your hearing over I was just excited I encourage anyone to spend a bit of money on a quality pair of cans I love my music and as I said earlier the most I ever invested was 50 bucks on a pair of headphones and was silly because I never researched them online till recently I appreciate everyone who takes the time to write honest reviews on products so novices like myself can research and know what to get and look for anyway thanks again
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