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Hi everyone,


I am looking for a pair in the over-ear sealed headphones in the 100-300 range.




* I have a pair of Ultrasones circa 2007 that have been through hell and back with me, and still work and sound great. I am looking for a another pair that can also take a beating, or another brand with similar sound


* I mainly will use them at the gym, so low impedance (will play off of a tablet)


* Looking for high isolation so I can listen at a softer volume to the same effect. In a noisy gym, this is very important to me,  as my ears hurt a lot at higher volumes


* Mid range and vocals are important, as I mainly watch movies (as opposed to music)


* Since I will wear them at the gym, something that can handle a bit of sweat would be nice. Not sure how the pleather of HFI headphones will stand up to that environment





Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. So far, I have been looking at HFI-780, DJ1s, and vmoda m-100s.




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Beyerdynamic DT770 32-ohm headphones, they are fun, very light and comfortable with a good seal, they have velour pads which I use with my HD 558 and they have been good even after I shower with a slight humidity still there. they have better mids than the Audio Technica ATH-M50s but I think AKG K550 might have better midrange than the Beyers. I guess we could wait for better suggestions, these are my two cents, Happy Hunting!

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Nice, thank you. Definitely some new models for me to look at

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Originally Posted by ctepp111 View Post

Nice, thank you. Definitely some new models for me to look at

You are welcome! Cheers!

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