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The Hifimans are a better class completely, but it sounds as if you need more isolation.

Be careful with Beyers coming from M50, as they have a treble spike (COP has it least). Bassier than M50 without a treble spike? M100.

You might also look into K267 as supposedly the bass port works better than COP's. I haven't tried that one though; Tyll has video about it.

Best luck!
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m50x ;)

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Originally Posted by phallan View Post

Alright (to both of you answering) thanks!


For the record I've been on the hunt for an upgrade for a month or so. The idea is to get a great set of headphones that can and will work smoothly with a dac/amp setup together with my MacBook Pro 13" Retina at work. So the mobility isn't a requirement this time, as it was with the m50, what is a...thing i need a headphone that shuts the world OUT and keeps the music somewhat IN, hopefully this won't make the sound unnatural. When I decide on a headphone I want the quality of the sound to be the main focus.




So that sounds like you are only considering closed options. a lot of the headphones suggested so far are open (including the beyers 990, he-400, and x1) - aka better sound stage & sounds more natural, but leaks sound in & out...


the options suggested so far that are closed include the beyer 770, beyer COP, sound magic HP100, denon 600, and ATH-WS77


Great non-portable closed options to consider include the closed Mad Dogs (a bit above your price range) and the AKG K550 (go try it at best buy & see if you like it - very neutral pair of headphones with great sound stage, but some people complain it is too bass-light if it doesn't fit properly).


If you are solely looking at closed options, most of your other closed options will be portable as well.

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I have the AKG K550s and I was wondering weather to go for these or the M50s. From what I have heard, the K550s have a much wider soundstage than the M50s but don't quite have the quantity of bass that the M50s do. The M50s may be better for certain types of music but overall the K550s will sound better. I got mine for £129 and they are now available for under £100 from


I also use my K550s as portable headphones and they hardly leak any sound at all compared to my open backed Audio Technica ATH-AD700s. I use the K550s in public transport and what I like about them is that they fold flat and I carry them around in a small laptop bag.

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