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One of his hilarious bits:

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One of my favorite actors, RIP.

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To to short, this blew me away finding this out. I had read a lot about him growing up and the demons he went through and struggled with daily, and yet he still found time and purpose to make others laugh to extract them from their own hardships, their own pain for however long. He did this for years, years I mean I just could not of seen a better role model for myself coming from very similar place emotional and in my past having demons that were akin to his own. That is why it knocked me down a notch and made realize I am so grateful, even with all the ******** that has caved in my life this past year alone, but also aware that every feeling good and bad passes for a time and is replaced by another. Well not so short after all. 


Robin you helped a broken man like me find happiness in other's laughter, thank you for the lesson. And Rest in peace, you deserve too.

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What kind of demons would that be?

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I believe he was an addict and had bouts of depression and so on. He wasn't the happiest man from my understanding.

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A lot of creative people can´t handle reality. But I am wondering did he have some tragedy or something that created his abuse of drugs, alcohole etc or what are the demons. Did he create them himself?

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Originally Posted by oqvist View Post

A lot of creative people can´t handle reality. But I am wondering did he have some tragedy or something that created his abuse of drugs, alcohole etc or what are the demons. Did he create them himself?

Some people have tragedy in their life that mold them into people they did not want to be because they accept this person before they become it, and others do tragic things to themselves, out of fear, anxiety, depression, and self loathing. Either can lead to addiction, and I know everyone has their "just reason cause and or reason " at the start of their addiction, I did so have my loved ones. I do not believe there was a tragedy, a one thing that led him into addiction but hundreds of small things, that is where I differ from him mine where a few heavy things that led to hundreds other issues. I know he has been clean for a long time, and when I got clean over 3 years ago I was watching a bio about him that I had seen when I was a teen. The tragedy was that he did not think he any other choice but to let go and give into fear and self loathing. May his soul find some semblance of rest and acceptance now.

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Yeah we can always create reasons even if there are none.


But in Robins case what would you say caused his addiction to alcohole and drugs and later depressions?


Self inflicted or some experiences in his youth or what? 


Why does everybody talk about his troubled sole when nobody know what it springs from if anything other then his own mind :)

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RIP Robin Williams :'( :'( :'(


I can't live with the fact that he has killed himself... I keep crying all the time. One moment you're watching his movies one after another, the next you find out he ended his life.


My childhood spent watching Hook many many many times...


True story :'(

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That was back in 2003. I wonder if he did all those drugs to be high or to keep an edged life that feeds onto his stage persona. If you're expected to be the way he is in front of 'audiences' all the time, which I presume is the majority of the people besides family and close friends, it'd get tiresome and draining to always throw the smile one.. random thoughts.

I've been watching a lot of his late night interviews lately, still it.
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Originally Posted by oqvist View Post

Robin Williams blaims extacy.

Not the same person at all.

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Robin Williams was a legend in my book. Grew up with him on TV from Mork to Roosevelt. Loved him in Dead Poet's Society and Good Will Hunting - they formed my own way of thinking I guess. He was a part of my world as much as any influential person in the media can be.

It just came out that he was dealing with the early stages of Parkinson's which it sounds like was the tipping point for him. I must admit I would not choose to go through a terrible disease like that where there is just no hope and it is a downward descend to death. To my mind, there is a certain bravery to his actions in the light of him dealing with this disease. There are many brave ways to handle life...and this is one way.


R.I.P - Robin Williams 

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Originally Posted by Hutnicks View Post

Not the same person at all.

Ooops yeah you are right it´s another great entertainer. But maybe they have a lot in common lol

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