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Have anyone listened to the Bruckner 7 and 9 by Yannick Nezet-Seguin? They are pretty great and they're recording the 8th next week! They're on SACD on a Canadian Label


Yes, Yannick Nezet-Seguin is anew very promising Bruckner interpreter and he is on the Bruckner map to stay.  I wish he wound a better avenue for his recordings – hole with longer reverberation time where more sophisticated sonorities/harmonics might be in play. Still, I will by any of his Bruckner recordings. There are not many of capable Bruckner conductors out there. I feel that Mr. Nezet-Seguin is one of them.

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I have heard the 4th and 9th with Yannick Nezet-Seguin, and find the 4th to be very good with the 9th less so.  The orchestra is apparently a semi-pro youth+ orchestra, and not the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.  They really sink their teeth into the 4th.


I did read of a concert Yannick Nezet-Seguin did with the LPO beginning with a (contemporaneous to the 9th) motet followed by the 9th and concluded, without intermission, with the Te Deum.  This was enthusiastically received by the writer.


The Schuricht VPO 8 & 9, much cited on this thread, have been remastered (DSD and sound-surround) by EMI as a separate 2cd set in the 'Signature Collection'.  They still show their age, but they sound so good it hardly matters.  The cliche is 'warm and spacious', and that is what they are - a vast improvement over the earlier cd transfer I've heard.  The price is 2 for 1.  The 9th, I believe, was engineered by Kenneth Wilkinson, and although it was the earlier of the two it is the one that opens up the most.


For those interested in Schuricht's Bruckner, there is a Tahra 9th with the NDR (studio-live) from 1960 in very good mono.  The performance has an extra electricity, and the orchestra follows Shuricht's phrasings with complete ensemble.  Consider the main theme of movt 1, which Schuricht phrases as a kind of rigid rubato.  The VPO is rather untidy, while the NDR is following exactly.


I must mention the famous live 5th with the VPO, released by DGG in the Vienna Philharmonic 150 Years box set.  Considered by many, including me, as one of the hand-full of the very best.  Good mono with a sense of depth.  Hard to get, and worth getting.  


Lastly - Celibidache.  Altus has put out a 4th, 5th, and 8th live (of course ...) from Japan, in very good sound.  Celi was a Zen Buddhist, and going to Japan was a kind of homecoming for him.  The 8th is my favorite, but the 4th has to take the cake, or nirvana, for Celi slows.  There is also a 7th DVD with Berlin.  The orchestra gets a bar apart in the coda of movt 1, but Celi gets them to end together.  I much prefer this one to the EMI.


You know the joke about the 'slows', they are just like the runs but not worth getting up for ...


With Celi, I must disagree.

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