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Klipsch x10 vs Senn ie80 vs b&w c5

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Don't laugh! i own klipsch x10 and sennhieser ie80s and now recent purchase (very underrated) b&w c5's....

quick impressions.....klipsch - smooth sound but build suspect, - cable has failed at bud end and now the jack requires soldering (yet again!!)

                               When out they seem to pick up a lot of wind noise....also tickle my ears - not keen on the deep fit....

                               sennhieser ie80's sound is just awesome - fit suspect, - the fit is just too weird.... (with time you do get used to it - just)

                               I do find them a right pain when out as i seem to be re-positioning way too often....

                               c5 sound - now here's the funny thing - bass fat but slightly mid,

                               mids not as nice as klipsch, highs can be a bit harsh,

                               fit - i really like the fit....i suppose an acquired taste.....

                               but i really enjoy them....I like their little bit of roughness/harshness (gives a bit of edge missed in the others)

                               its a fun sound - maybe not audiophile but who cares?

                               At the moment my goto buds.

                               Cable tough, weight is good for me too - they don't feel cheap.

                               When out they are do not seem to be affected by wind noise and after you have found the right buds they sit well for me.

                               One down side is they do have a sweet spot you need to find.....

                               Got then in a sale from superfi UK.

                               £134. So cost wise similar to the klipsch and about £100 less than the senn's.... 

                               All comparisons used my ipod classic 160gb and fiio e12 + lod.

                               Ipod eq off - fiio 0db bass boost off. In my opinion sounds so much better

                               minimal processing - so much  more natural.

                               I listen to diverse music from Classical to Prog Rock......

                               Tracks include ; Devo ; Happy the man ; ELP ; Mahler ; Erik Satie ; Pink Floyd ; Kraftwerk ; Lemon Jelly (yes i do like to mix it up!) 

                               The C5's are happy with anything i chuck at them (mp3 320)

                               I am not an audiophile, just someone who wants to enjoy sound...

                               and if it sounds 'good' to me then that's 'good' enough....................

                               I think you can get too obsessed with 'analysing' the sound instead of

                               'enjoying' the sound......for me i just want to forget about the kit and just

                               'enjoy' the music......Less buttons and settings (dreaded software dsp/eq's fiddly touch-screens) the better!

                               In the past i have spent more time 'fiddling' with bloody settings than actually listening the the music.

                               With this simple setup - ipod / e12 / c5  my fiddling is over lol! 

                               Anyway from my view's it looks like i am pro c5 - yes i am - could be 'new toy syndrome'  but i just find myself using them all the time -

                              In summary:-

                              3rd place Klipsch - smooth sound but reliability is rubbish!

                              2nd place Senn     awesome sound but let down buy the fiddly fit.

                              1st place C5         fun sound great fit and robust build (early days i know, had them two weeks)

                              My main time of listening is when out so the c5's suit my needs the best - also the isolation is just right for me - strong but not too strong,

                              i like to have some indication of what's happening in my surroundings.....

                              Hope you enjoyed my subjective ramblings!






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I am glad that the fiio e12 purchase worked out well for all of your in-ears. That amp worked well with almost anything for me, even my HE-4.
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Yes... i am a happy bunny.....



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