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So yeah, Hello Head-fi! I recently bought an ATH-CKS55X (notice the X) after my SoundMagic PL11 died down on me and as for my first impressions the earbuds/earphones/IEM or whatever it is sounds way too bassy and It really doesn't suit my style though toning down the bass on the equalizer greatly helps, now after lurking here I found out that the CKS55 could be modded by removing the filters to make it sound clearer. now, since I have a different version of CKS55 does this mod works with the CKS55X too? and what's the difference between the CKS55 and the CKS55X? thanks.


EDIT: If it do works with the CKS55X, after removing the filter is it possible to re-add/put it back again?

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