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Name your favorite music mag

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Hey kids, I'd like your opinions of the best music related magazines. My favorite is the British pop mag: "Q". It is interesting, informative, relevant to today's music on either side of the pond, funny, and most importantly, light on the ads. My favorite web site is similar but it is NME.com. These guys have regained their top form after a boring year 2000.
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i just got an issue of Grammophone and i think it's got a slightly better equipment/music ratio than Stereophile, although i like how stereophile reviews rock too...

Zines are always a fun alternative, and good for hearing about lesser known bands
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electronic: the DutchProgressiveRockPage
-good reviews, specially when you're used to the reviewers. I love those track-by-track-with-multiple-reviewers reviews.

paper: ehmm....only know Aardschok (heavy/death/goth metal...they do also cover my interests, but you need to look very hard to find those tiny reviews) and OOR, just pop, they'll recommend just about anything, they love Radiohead. Both mags generally suck, but I only read them while litening at the cd-shop, so...
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Even better than Q (which is a great mag) is Uncut, also from England. Uncut comes with a "free" CD every month with 17-18 new songs from the best new releases. it's absolutely priceless in helping you decide if that band you've been reading about lately is any good. The quality of the reviews and journalism is outstanding.

There are no good American music mags anymore. It's tragic. Rolling Stone seems to have permenantly lost its way. It has no identity and doesn't seem to know what to support or not support.
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CMJ : College Music Journal is also hip for the free CD, however, to be entirely honest, I've never read the darn thing. I've just gone to my buddies, snaked the CD, and left the same way I came in.
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lol neil! markl, I thought Q came with a cd. WTF? It advertises the cd on the website, but I don't see it on the shelves. Must be a subscriber only thing I guess. Uncut eh? I think I saw that one for like $20 . XXhalberstramXX, a little off topic but I thought you might like to know -> I saw a copy of the 59? Scherchen Mahler 2. I think that's supposed to be the rare one that got rave reviews from that Mahlerphile with the camosun website. Anyway, I guess its been rereleased or something because this is a newish disc, and was only $12.
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Rolling Stone subscriber for about 25 years.
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Well for me it USED to be Classic Rock Magazine, but for the last few issues its been going down hill a bit It used to be a great read and have a great cd on the front every other month but they dont do that now.
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Q - sometimes comes with a CD, not always
CMJ, Uncut - always

I like CMJ -- they do this really cool thing, when they review a CD. They give it a "file under" (e.g., Sigur Ros would be something like blissful icelandic pop) and a "RIYL" (Recommended If You Like) (e.g., Komputer would be RIYL Kraftwerk). I always scan the RIYL, then read the review if it interests me...saves me a lot of time reading 5-star review, and then at the end they say, "...oh, and he sounds like a cross between Air Supply and Christopher Cross..."
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I read the reviews at http://www.pitchforkmedia.com almost everyday. They write about the music I like and most of the time I share their opinions, i like it a lot!
Also, I sometimes buy The Wire magazine (http://www.thewire.co.uk), which covers styles like electronica, jazz, modern classical, post-rock etc.
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yeah i've heard about that recording. Actually the radio station here in CT (WESU) has a LP of this recording and i'll be sure to listen to it soon. I have a show in a couple hours so i might listen then. do you know on what label it was released? thanks for the info
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I'll probably find out tomorrow, when I pick it up. hehe. Oh yeah, very cool picks guys!
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Mahler 2 double disc label = Universal

It is the June, 1958 recording with the Vienna State Opera Orchestra, and I love it. The Klemperer disc didn't have the tempo I was looking for. I am listening to the Scherchen right now and its blowing my socks off!!! The sound is remarkably good too. One more thing - this isn't the cd set that is coupled with Mahler's 1st. The album is about 94 mins long for the 5 movements.

The sleeve says that a Mahler 5 by Scherchen is available on the same Millenium Classics series too. Happy listening!

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just keeping this thread alive for XXhalberstramXX .
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anyone remember Kerrang! Heavy metal mag of the 80's??
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