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Zemo, YGPM..
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I'd be in.
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I'm in as well
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the last card has been spoken for..
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Originally Posted by lan
Well the AP 24/96 is an old card. I don't think the newer M-Audio cards have Win9x drivers.
The Revo definitely does... the latest driver pack (Oct 6, 2003) covers Windows 2000, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows XP.
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All three initial cards are spoken for, as well as one of the cards on order! The sooner I recieve $$, the sooner you get your card!


$165 + shipping (USPS priority from 97060) + 3.2% paypal fee

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Well that's a consumer card and it is not in the current generation of releases.
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Can you run the 1212 and an audigy together? And how much are the possible mods to the digital section of the 1212. I want the ultimate computer digital transport.
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depends on particular computer setup, Mag.. nobody can tell you it will work, it may or may not..
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It'll be on an nforce2 mobo when I get around to it. Is anyone here running an emu1212 and an audigy? Who does the modding?
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seriously ot, but glassman, who is that in your sig? is that the girl who played hellboy's love interest in the movie hellboy? sure looks like!

she is hot!
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If running windows XP, I've heard good things about using mutiple soundcards....and the modding is done by quite a few people now....I do a little, glassman does, misterX does, Edwood, Iron does.....
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I'm not sure whether she played in Hellboy, but that avatar is obviously Mila Jovovich, one of the most beautiful women on the world (IMO). She is best-known for playing the roll of Leeloo in The Fifth Element.
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Cool, anyone wanna let me borrow about $4k? heh, so I can get a gilmore reference, a bel canto, some of erics nitrogens, glass toslink, and a modded emu1212.
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