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Interest check: 1212m group buy

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Hey guys, there's a guitar center near my place, and I'm good friends with one of the guys there. If I go into the store, I'm sure I can get a VERY nice quote for a 1212m price, especially if I buy a few of them. My guess is in the $150 range. My question is, how many people would want one?

This is likely to take place shortly after the 12th.

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I'll be interested in trying out the E-MU card, especially at that price.
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Did he actually quote you? When I was there, the computer wouldn't take a price lower than the $165 that I paid. I'm curious at least, to see how this goes for you guys. Good luck! Guitar Center is AWESOME!!!
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No, I havn't been quoted yet. I'm confident I can at least get the $165 price, but I've "forced" my buddy to do overrides before and give me a better price. This may be one of those cases, since it will be a group buy.

For instance, I got this: http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=...13c45796925b27 for less than $150 after enough "persuasion"....the computer wouldn't "let" it go below $200

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What kind of total cost, after s/h and tax are we talking? Close to $150/60 I'd be in.
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I'm in, that's for sure.. I'm happy with any price lower then the common $200 seen on the net..
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Like I said, I have no idea what the actual cost would be, my guess is somewhere around $150. probably add $10 for shipping...I don't know! I'll be able to get a more definite figure once I'm able to get the the store...probably the 12th or 13th of this month.

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I'm in!
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You already know.....
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There's a guitar center in Corvallis? I'm definitely in. Hell I could drive down there and pick it up myself The best part about buying in Oregon though is no sales tax!
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yeah, I might be in. Depends. I got a lot of plans for the (expensive) summer.
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Haha, you're in eugene, huh? UofO? Actaully, no, there's no guitar center in corvallis, the one I'm referring to is in Clackamas. I leave near there, but I'm currently in corvallis, cause I'm at OSU. Finals week is this comming week, so I'll be home by the 12th, hence me being able to get there sometime around then-ish.

Just thinking....for the quantity of these things we want, they may need to order more....with GC, that usually takes a week or two. Just an FIY!

7 so far....and that's only one night! I bet I'd get some sweet price if I asked for like...15 of 'em....haha

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Count me in at c. $150 (if shipping to EU is no problem to you).
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End of september I will be interested, now no
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Originally Posted by james__bean
The best part about buying in Oregon though is no sales tax!

No sales tax?? That's really gonna cut down on extra cost for all of us!
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