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Hey Head-fi!

              Thanks for stopping by! We are CTC Audio – Cut the Crap Audio and we wanted to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about ourselves.


We specialize in fantastic internationally sourced products and create safe access in North America.  Kick starting our company, we have partnered up with a number of manufacturers including DUNU, Fidue, and T-PEOS Korea and are their Official Authorized Distributor in North America!


Now you will be able to purchase their great products without worrying about shipping delays, importing charges, and uncertain warranty terms!


Why choose CTC Audio for your internationally sourced audio products?


        1) Fast Shipping Products ready to ship from Canadian warehouses   

        2) North American Warranty Service

·       3) No Customs Taxes and Charges for Canadian buyers!

·       4) No Inflated Prices!

·       5) Better Products, Lower Prices – We’ve brought the international, local. 

We believe in giving the community choice when it comes to audio and we worked hard to find partners that shared similar values to what we wanted to achieve. Our company believes in the no-bull$hit approach to marketing. We want our customers to spend their hard earned dollars on innovation, not marketing. So we have carefully curated our product lines to reflect our beliefs. 


We were tired of unreasonable customs charges, long shipping delays, and re-sellers that often refused to accept warranty claims. Yes, some sellers may provide warranty service if the product is shipped back to the source – for example, all the way to China, but this costs time and money.





Additional Introductory Offers: 


No Sales Taxes!

Free Shipping on Canadian Orders over $99!

$9.99 Flat Rate Shipping for American Orders over $99!



Be sure to also Like and Follow our Google+ and Facebook pages for additional information on our upcoming giveaways, contests, and new products! We have a number of giveaways planned so be sure to connect with us via Social Media to take part! 


Thanks Head-fi!


We’re here to meet all your international audio and electronic needs. 


CTC Audio 

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