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Hi all. I recently lost my headphones that I use for out and about which were a pair of Yamaha EPH100. I liked these headphones but they are hard to find on e bay and a pair or Grado GR10 came up so I put in a bid and was surprised to win.

  When the headphones arrived I tried them and was horrified, until my girlfriend explained she had turned the treble up on every device in the house for her lectures. Once I had them set up with a flat source I was still finding them very top heavy and a little uncomfortably so. I put heart of glass on and the mids and base was barely there so I put the base up and the track filled out and the sound from these was then really great. I tried listening to an audio book and again the sound is good but the sibilance was so bad I had to turn them down to a level I could barely hear on the bike or the train or such.

  I am not someone who turns up the base or likes very base heavy headphones but the tops on these are so sharp they are making me winse without pushing the base up and then bringing the volume down. They came with the original buds which fit well making a good seal.

  I am not very experienced with these things and these are a big step up from what I'm used to so I thought I'd put my experience up here and see if anyone had any advice, the sound out of these is the best I have ever heard and I would really like to try and find a way to live with them.