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Hi all!


So basically I am looking for a good pair of daily driver IEM's; Over time I have used the Sennhesier CX275s, and the Monster Jamz, which were all epic, the Jamz got a loose wire easily though, and my CX275s' got destroyed, and after some searching on the site, I have found some other recommendations for my budget if <$100 AUD, and they were the CX280, CX281, the Monster Turbine's, and the shure SE215.

Now I am a fan of build quality and durbility which was why I liked the Jamz (dat metal) 

From some other reading I also found that the SE215 are very comfortable, and as a massive Shure fan, wanted to know the dirt on them, (yes I did read up on it, but your opinion is wanted lol)

and Finally I read on here an old review of when CX275s and 280 samples were sent to someone on this site and they said that the 280 was that little cut above, so thus the curiosity.

So any help? Any other recommendations would be awesome too :)

and for reading this far you get a cookie.