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Custom Moulds

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Hello everyone,i have a set of shure se846s and was wondering if a custom mold would be better for sound issolation than the regular flex sleeves,and what type of decibel difference between them are?

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In short....yes they will be better.  As to how much depends on how good the seal you're currently getting.  All I can say is that my custom molded IEM's block out a LOT!  I can snap my fingers about a foot in front of my face and hear it, but it's so faint that if I weren't aware of it I'm not sure I'd notice.  I even took them out shooting one day because I'd forgotten hearing protection (something i'd never do with regular ear tips) and they worked like a charm.

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where i live in England there aren't many audiologists so i would have to look for them elsewhere,is there some sort of kit you can get?:)

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There are, but I don't recommend attempting it.  I personally had to drive 2 hours to find an audiologist that did ear impressions.  In all honesty I think if I had done it myself, it'd have come out wrong.  In my opinion I say it's worth it to find a good one and get it done the first time instead of wasting your money on a kit and trying yourself, then having to get it professionally done anyways.

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Thanks very much for the help my friend I will have to do a bit of travelling i think!!:wink_face:

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Not a problem.  Just something to be aware of before you make the plunge.  Your ears are still "growing", so life expectancy on custom molds are at best 4-5 years.  Then again by that time you might be ready to try something new anyways.  Just food for thought.

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