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Hey guys. I've looked through all the budget iem threads and I can't make my mind up yet. I can't get the Meelectronics M9Ps because the right angle cable won't be able to fit my phone case.
I've had the monoprice 8320s but they're not very convenient to use on-the-go
I've also had the JVC HA-FX40B but it was a while ago since I had them and I don't remember if I liked how they fit in my ear or not.
I also just finished a pair of skullcandy ink'd earbuds I got from a friend (the left earphone stopped producing sound, just like a lot of my earphones).

I've been looking at the Philips SHE3590BK/10 and for $8.55 on Amazon I was set. But then I saw the Philips SHE8000 for $15 and was wondering if they were justifiably more expensive than the SHE3590s.

Or if anyone could suggest anything else under $20,ill greatly appreciate it. Thanks