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Since getting my HD 558, I've noticed I've had more instances of accidentally blasting my ears with high volume music files.  I listen to a lot of ASMR and whisper audio on YouTube, and usually the levels are a bit too low on these recordings.  I also have music that varies in a volume quite a bit. 

In the past I had used a Beyerdynamic DT131, and the issue wasn't as noticeable.  I also use the M50X, and when I was using it with the computer for a while, I didn't notice as much of a variation in volume as I do now.  My source is a Motu MicroBook USB recording DAC.

It seems there is a greater difference between high and low perceived volume through the 558.  Could the efficiency or impedance of the headphone be causing this?  Maybe it comes with the territory using better headphones to have an increase in dynamics, but my ears are being punished.  Any ideas?
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