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Hi everyone I am new here. 


About 2 years ago I spent the most I ever have on some in ear headphones and I have been kinda hooked to the clearer sound, the headphones in question are apples in ear headphones.


Well the apple headphones are getting a little tired, missing rubber piece on bottom of pod and wires look like grey no longer white. So I thought it might be a good time to look into stepping up the game a little bit more by getting some higher sound quality IEM's and wondering what your recommendations are. 


From the research I have done some of the features I really like are, removable cables, the shure foam style tips and they have to have at least 2 balanced armature drivers since my current set have a dual driver arrangement and I think I attribute that to the clarity and depth of sound.


The two choices that have my eye at the moment. Shure SE425 and Ultimate Ears 900s. The UE900s are probably at the top of my price range, also I listen to all kinds of music from triphop, hip hop, indie, folk, k-pop. pretty much anything my ears like. 


any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Thank you.