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Astro A40 build quality?

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Hello, I own a pair of Astro A40's while opinions on them are conflicting, I find the sound quality quite good for gaming, but most reviews say the build quality is good, and I cant agree on that, the build quality seems flimsy and not very sturdy, does anyone fell the same way?

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Gaming headsets usually don't have good build quality and aren't made to last, while some professional headphones can easily last 20 years. That's marketing. A studio doesn't buy a headphone to last only 1 or 2 years. Gamers usually don't worry about build quality when they are buying headsets. They look for appearance, mic, wireless, comfort and surround sound, even if the sound quality isn't very good. They also upgrade frequently so they are not outdated.


That does not mean all gaming headsets are bad, particularly something as expensive and well reviewed as an Astro, but build quality is definitely not its main concern.

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^^^^ Exactly what he said.


All marketing and style. No substance.

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